For Jewelry Shops and Jewelry Chain Store Point of sale 

Stock Management
  • Unique ID no. to each Item in Stock
  • Different types of stock management (Dia. Jewelry, Metals, Diamonds, Precious Stones) 
  • Recorded History of every activity in stock including repairs.
  • Full stock Quantities and Values in one click.
  • Multi Branches stock management.
  • Stock in Consignment (In / Out).
  • Metal Purchase from Customers.
Barcode printing
  • Barcode printing.
Time management
  • Time record in/out and Over Time.
  • Working time report including special Over Time percentage
Sales Report
  • Sales Reports by Categories
  • .Sales report by Sales person 
  • Sales Analyze
Customer's CRM
  • CRM Customers management
  • Manage Birthdays and wedding dates for SMS and EMAILS
  • Filter customers list by categories such as area and sales amount
  • Customer Balance and sales analyze
  • Catalogue printing by list / range.
  • Several Option for printing
  • Auto re price calculation.
  • Pdf created for fast emailing.
  • Invoicing and receipts.
  • Sales reports by several Categories.
  • Delivery Note
  • Appraisal  .
  • Sales By Branches .
  • Consignment sales
  • Gift Cards and replace vouchers
  • Jewelry and Diamonds sales .
  • Repairs Management.
  • Repairs Reports.
  • SMS to customers for Quotation 
  • SMS to customer when repair is ready.
  • Repair Invoice
  • Repair Status.
  • Suppliers management including Balance
Delivery Notes
  • Delivery Note send and return.
  • Transfer between Locations.
  • User name and Passwords controlling authorizations of users.
Stock counting
  • Suppliers management including Balance
  • Warranty printout.
  • Special groups and agent’s management.
  • Groups control by several categories such as Country, Language, Tour leader and more
  • Tax refund printout

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