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Tamuz Software for the jewelry industry was established in 1986 by Yacov Azran, in order to accommodate the special requirement of the jewellery industry, Gem and Diamond jewelry and Body piercing jewelry industry whether its wholesale Factories or retail.

Tamuz jewelry software has 2 branches worldwide:

Israel (Head office)

Bangkok (Thailand)

These branches were opened in order to provide better support to more than 500 existing jewellery factories and shops worldwide and provide training corporate with trained and professional local staff with knowledge of the jewelry industry, using English or the local language.

Tamuz jewellery software, Bangkok, Thailand started operations in 2005, but already leading the jewelry infosystems market with dozens of successful implementations.

We develop the software the same like a unique piece of gem and diamond Jewelry with up most care for our customers satisfaction which includes the following steps:
(i) ANALYSING: Understanding the requirements of each specific customer.
(ii) MATCHING: We match the suitable solutions from our vast developed ERP
(iii) IMPLEMENTATION AND TRIANING: With our large team of programmers and support staff we make sure you have an easy and fast implementation and training in local language if required.
(iv) CUSTOMIZATON: We have total knowledge of the jewelry market with its all special complications, we therefore offer ease of customization if required in minimal time to take Tamuz software online for customers info system.
(v) EXPERT HELP: With the help of our team of experts we design, analyze and deliver many new fast tools in order to upgrade at every time so we can become better than Best.
(vi)SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCE: Our offices in Israel, Bangkok are there to be at service to serve our customers at every moment they need us.

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