For Jewelry Factories / Jewelry Producer

Bill of Materials
  • Item details including casting, stones and findings information
  • Re-pricing item-possibility to calculate cost and recommended sale price according to any manipulation in Item details
  • Catalog printout in several forms
  • Clients and Suppliers specification for each Item at the Bom
  • Production and subcontracts specifications for each Item
  • Estimated Costing of items before production
  • Customers’ orders and quotations management
  • Breakdown of production orders castings, stone and findings
  • Order analysis
  • Real time Order follow-up during production 
  • Order report, supply balance, open balance order confirmation
Price List
  • Automatic price lists creating in all possible price categories
  • Unique Calculation methods for each customer pricing agreement
  • Packing lists and consignment management
  • Automatic invoice creation by packing list orders or real production Jobs.
  • Sales reports concentrated and detailed by several categories
  • Best seller reports by: quantity, profit, sales price  
  • Invoice profit analyze
  • Full production control & orders status
  • Job real time follow up during production
  • Loss control and loss reports by worker 
  • Real production time, and alerts for unusual actives. 
  • Real labor calculated by worker salary and working time.
  • Detailed loss and production control reports by department or individual worker
Stock control
  • Stock control for
    Diamonds and Certified stones
  • Precious stones
  • Finished goods
    And raw materials including average costs and Quantities
Customers and supplier
  • Customer and supplier profile
  • Production customer specifications
  • Customers and supplier’s material balance
  • Customer statement up to date

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