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העברה לחשבשבת

העברה לחשבשבת
ניתן להעביר את כל החשבוניות והקבלות לחשבשבת בלחיצת כפתור אחת!
בחמישה תשלומים
לפרטים והתקנה התקשרו עכשיו
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New in J-Factory (07/07/09)
1. Allocation on Bag for findings.
2. Replace stone during production.
3. Multy order in one bag.
4. Eop by Import List or for any orders.
קרא עוד


New in J-Factory (13/07/09)
1. Special function for selling group of item as Set/Stand.
2. Edit/Modify BOM as per licence.
3. Center stone in ID.
4. New Purchase function for ID.
קרא עוד


New in J-Factory (17/07/09)
1. Location wise permission for transfer.
2. Modify location table according to license.
3. Intranet, a office tool(chat).
4. Change Stone one to many, A Assortment tool.
קרא עוד


New in J-Factory (21/07/09)
1. Transfer full location for easy and fast working.
2. A new version of loss report.
3. Can combine two invoice for fast working.
4. Deleivery process with a special tool.
קרא עוד


New in J-Factory (01/08/09)
1. Option to choose loss% tocalculate loss on given wt.
2. Many processes can be attach to one location.
3. Price for Metal to key in two currency.
4. Report for stone transaction.
קרא עוד


New in J-Factory (15/08/09)
1. Choice to have customer name or code on few print out by parameter.
2. Choice to print description from BOM or order by parameter.
3. Eop by Import List or for any orders.
4. Report 4210/5239.
קרא עוד


New in J-Factory (28/08/09)
1. Findings with Stone.
2. Choice to choose line mode.
3. Choice for making Invoice.
קרא עוד

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