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Tamuz software for jewellry - FAQ


1. How can I create profits with the system?
2. What is the difference between using this software or not?
3. If I feel there is some data wrong in the system, is there a method to check where the mistake is?
4. If I am travelling on business, would i be able to  use the system online to check my factory status?
5. Our factory produces thousands of products, to key every thing would be a lot of work, is there any way to import all data?
6. If something happen like corrupt of computer or fire or something, can I get all of the information?
7. What database dose your system use ?
8. Is my company data safe and secure if we use your software?
9. For the inventory every month it creates a lot of work, if we use the system, will it save us time, and how?
10. Human mistakes are unavoidable, is there any way for your software to solve this problem?

1: Delivery on time, plan production, plan materials stock on time (no need to keep stock that is not necessary), all these points will keep your customers satisfied, and will decrease your costs.

2: By using the system, you can make management easier. You will have full control of your order status, your material stock, your worker loss and you will save the money from the investment.

3: For all the transactions we have a history record, for this problem you can check the  records.

4: Yes, our system can be used online, wherever you can obtain your factory status in a very quick time.

5: Upon installation, we will build your set-up information from your current Excel files, so you will have all the data ready from the first day

6: We recommend Windows Server 2003\2008, and for windows XP.

7: We use a powerful database management system call Pervasive SQL. This program is a third party program and can support a huge database and many transactions at the same time. So you can be assured that your system will run safely and easily.

8: This is totally safe, we always keep our customer’s information confidential.

9: With the help of the system, you can, at any time get your up-to-minute stock for every location immediately; also give u a reference to how much you suppose to have in the location.

10: For this our computer support has a bar-code function, when you scan the barcode, the data will be recorded in the computer automatically, there is no need for manual input of the data.

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